XRF Master

D-Start Host Files

Here are some usefull files for your Hotspot Software or also for your Refelector system. This is a mirror for the files maintained by VK4TUX and OE5STM

Visit also the Source URL: http://vk4tux.duckdns.org/VK/ http://vk4tux.duckdns.org/OD/ http://vk4tux.duckdns.org/NA/ http://www.tms-itdienst.at/sites/default/files/downloads/DV/DExtra_Hosts.txt

A Workaround for Portforwarding in XRF

Normaly you will need a portforwarding on your own Internet-Router for having a connection to the XRF Servers. But you donĀt, if you add the content of DExtra_Hosts.txt into DPlus_Hosts.

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[TXT]CCS_Hosts.txt2015-09-21 18:38 434  
[TXT]DCS_Hosts.txt2016-01-31 02:18 1.1K 
[TXT]DExtra_Hosts.txt2016-02-16 17:00 26K 
[TXT]DExtra_Hosts.txt.12016-02-15 20:44 3.8K 
[TXT]DExtra_Hosts.txt.oe5stm2016-02-17 14:36 526  
[TXT]DPlus_Hosts.txt2016-02-16 17:01 30K 
[TXT]XRFpatch.txt2015-11-19 10:43 37K 
[   ]update-script-dv4mini.bash2016-02-17 15:07 0  
[   ]update-script-dvmegaRPi.bash2016-02-17 15:07 0  
[   ]update-script-dxrfd.bash2016-02-17 15:08 0  
[   ]xref.ip2016-02-16 17:00 3.2K 

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